Green Amazon Tours Peru, is concerned about giving you the best possible service, and we recommend you please take your time and read the most common questions that our travelers usually have:

The maximum size of the groups is 9 tourists per guide. If we have between 10 and 13 tourists we send two Guides and two cooks, but the group travels as one on a single bus and a single boat. During the walks and other excursions, the group is divided into two small groups, each with their own guide to have more chance to see the animals. If the group is more than 13 tourists, we divide it into two independent groups, each group with its own program, Guide, Cook, bus and boat.

All our trips start in a private car adapted to drive on asphalt and unpaved roads. Depending on the size of your group, you can travel in a 4×4 truck or a medium bus. All drivers have experiences on narrow Manu and inter-oceanic roads.

The boats are made for this type of river, driven by a gasoline engine, the captains are native to the jungle who know well the course of the river. The boat has a roof to cover the sun and rain but this does not ensure that it can get wet from the sides.

We include purified water that we take from Cusco for the entire trip except for the first day we request that you bring your own water, because the containers are sealed until you reach the first Lodge. From this moment you will have access to use the purified water in all the trip.

Our meals are varied and prepared based on local products, the breakfasts are usually fried eggs, omelets, scrambled eggs, bread cakes, etc. And accompanied with a fresh juice or fruits, coffee and teas. The lunches and dinners are composed with some delicious soups, with buffet-style dishes, made with meat, beans, pastas and a variety of vegetables. You will try a lot of local food, like typical Juane jungle dish.

If you have another type of diet such as: vegetarian, vegan or allergic to any food let us know to coordinate with the cook.

We try to minimize the environmental impact as little as possible for this reason the Lodges are not luxury but are comfortable with double rooms with shared and private bathrooms, the rooms are equipped with comfortable mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows and musketeers, electricity by the night to charge battery that works with solar panel. And preferably we recommend you bring extra batteries.

To make the trip comfortable we provide: tents for 4 people for 2 people, comfortable mats, a dining tent, rubber boots, rain ponchos, etc. You need to bring a light sleeping bag and extra clothes.

If possible, we ask that you carry your (daily backpack) when necessary on the hikes and while traveling by bus or boat, the rest of your heavy luggage (suitcases, backpacks). The travel staff or the guide can take it for you, just ask for help whenever it is necessary.

There are not many long walks, the first day when we travel on the road we hike for approximately 2 hours, then when we are in the Lodges we usually have two hikes of 3 to 4 hours each, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The walks are done slowly in order to listen to the sounds of animals and birds, to find them without being seen by them. On days when we travel by boat, we make short walks of one to two hours when we arrive at the lodge.

Although it only presents a small risk, it is possible to be infected with malaria in the Manu, we recommend that you do malaria prophylaxis when you make one of our trips.

About yellow fever this is almost the same, in addition the yellow fever is almost always lethal, therefore we recommend that you receive a vaccine against yellow fever before going to the jungle.

We can not guarantee that you will see Parrots and Macaws in the lick, but if you travel in the dry season you are more likely to see them. The reason that birds come to eat clay is because at certain times of the year there are only seeds available as food for the macaws. The seeds have a protective layer of toxins to protect themselves and prevent animals from eating them, but the hungry macaws eat them anyway, these birds become infected with the toxins and they have the need to eat clay to counter and cure the poison that they have accumulated in their stomach. The rest of the season when there are rains, there are many fruits available for the macaws and most of these have less toxins, so macaws do not visit frequently to the licks

Therefore it means that there are less than 15 to 40 macaws in the colpa in the rainy season until the beginning of the dry season and more than 100 to 150 in the dry season.

The first night in the first lodge that is in the high jungle at 650m.s.m. The temperature is around 26 ° C. The following days the day temperature is 27 ° C to 35 ° C and at night from 20 ° C to 27 ° C. And it should be mentioned in the dry season cold winds of Patagonia can enter the Amazon rainforest, and the temperature could drop drastically to 10 ° C these winds are common during the winter of the southern hemisphere between (April to early September).

A day before your trip with us you will have a brifin agreed by Email the place and the date to make the final coordination of the trip and arrange the final payment, in case you can not, let us know that you received the correct information about Pick up time at your hotel.

To have a reservation of any of our programs or trips with Green Amazon tours Peru please fill out the reservation form of the program or trip that you want to book with all the personal information of each participant of your group with the following information:

  • Full name as it appears on your passport (nicknames are not accepted).
  • Passport number.
  • E-mail.
  • Phone number (optional).
  • Shoe size.
  • Type of food, If you have allergies or medical restrictions or anything else if it is necessary for you, let us know

payment or deposit procedure.- please contact us before making any deposit or payment to Green Amazon Tours Peru, we request a minimum of 25% per person of the total cost of the chosen program, by doing this you confirm your trip and Agree your travel contract with Green Amazon Tours Peru. Next we will confirm your travel reservation with us by mail. This deposit is not refundable for cancellation of the client. This pre-payment can be done through 3 ways:


  1. Western Union.- You can send ALEX SANDRO OLAVE QUEHUARUCHO, Cusco – Peru to guarantee your trip, as soon as you make the money transaction please let us know by email to us with the transaction number so that we can collect the money and confirm your excursion with us.

B.- PayPal.-To make deposit by PayPal you need a PayPal account. Our address to send your deposit is paypal@greenamazontoursperu.com in this case you have to pay an additional 6% on the deposit to cover the PayPal commission.

C.- Visa.- You can also make your deposit or even your final payment for a visa in online payments. Then I have to send a scanned payment Boucher to confirm your deposit and reservation.

Let us know in which hotel you will be a day before traveling with us to come to your hotel and make final travel arrangements and arrange the final payment, if possible visit us at our office a day before your trip to fix everything.

Thank you very much for enjoying your trip