About Us

GREEN AMAZON TOURS PERU is a young tourist company run by a 100% jungle family, with a new way of developing Amazonian tourist trips of good quality and responsibility. in order to obtain the full satisfaction of our customers with quality tour packages with affordable prices and good offers.

unlike other tour operators  that do not support the local economy. We are Helping with the conservation of the environment and local employment being our native workers as: Matsikengas, Quechuas, Yines net of the jungle; Our guides have a good experience in guiding that explains the relationship of plant, animals and incest and the function of the different ecosystems of the Amazon; The myths and legends of different Amazonian cultures are also part of the explanation.

Our main mission is to protect the Amazon rainforest by doing a respectful and planned tourism, making sure to make the least possible impact of nature.

We are located  Andres Avelino Cáceres B-4, Cusco – Perú. Organizing responsible tourism trips to the Manu National Park and the adjacent area known as the cultural zone that is the Biosphere area of ​​the Manu National Park. in our tour we passed through the Andes and Andean valleys, then we passed through a beautiful cloud forest that is unique in the world where you can see a great variety of epiphytic plants, tall monkeys, endemic and exotic birds. In the low jungle we travel along the Madre de Dios River and especially along the Manu River, the beaches and the shores are the perfect place to see great alligators, such as the black alligator and the white alligator, the turtles, the butterflies and the mammals with good luck you can see big cats like: the Jaguar, Puma and other small cats, and a variety of monkeys of different species, some of them eating clay on the riverbank, birds such as herons, seagulls, etc. the amazonian lakes are the perfect habitat to see the giant otter (river wolf) in process of extinction, because each one eats per day between 3 and 5 kilos of fish each.

enjoy your trip with us, our trips are from 4 days and 8 days but if you want another tour or a different interest let us know we are flexible.